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Best Cakes In Dubai Are Those That Will Please Your Guests The Most!

Best cakes in Dubai are not necessarily the most expensive, nor are they the most elaborate. What is appropriate for your special occasion is not only a cake that will most please the individual that is celebrating the event in question. It is just as important to source one that will tempt others at the celebration to share the cake with them. Luckily, there are master craftsmen who can cater for almost any request and offer cake delivery in Dubai that takes the stress out of providing a confection that meets all your requirements and more. This article runs through some considerations for different types of events and recipients.

Looking For Cake Delivery In Dubai For An Office Event?

Your co-workers are almost like your second family: you spend a great deal of time with them throughout the year. So, when there’s an event such as a retirement or a special birthday, you want them to feel as special as a family member. So what kind of cake might be best suited to the office environment? Well, custom cakes are a great way of showing that you really care for the individual in question. Taking the time to have a one-off cake designed, made and delivered to your place of work demonstrates that you know your co-worker well, hold them in respect, and have taken the time to think about their likes and dislikes. There is, though, a balancing act to be achieved. After all, you also must also take the preferences of your other co-workers into account, otherwise the recipient will be eating their cake alone! So, you can afford to go crazy with the design of the cake – you could commission one in the shape of a car, with decorations resembling their favourite food or a sports themed cake, for instance. But it’s best to keep it simple when it comes to the flavours incorporated into the cake itself. The most popular flavours employed by the most famous cake shops in Dubai are vanilla or chocolate sponge; or fruit cake. Make sure you inform your chosen bakery of the approximate number of people who will be sharing the cake, so they can suggest a size that’s appropriate for your guest list.

Personalised Cakes Dubai Wide For Birthdays, Anniversaries And More

These considerations also apply to any other occasions for which you might wish to serve a celebratory cake. Take into account the reasons behind the event and the nature of the person or people who are celebrating it. Perhaps you wish to order one of the best cakes in Dubai for a couple celebrating their marriage or wedding anniversary. Maybe you’re looking for personalised birthday cakes Dubai wide for a child’s birthday party or a coming of age ceremony. Alternatively, you might be ordering a cake as part of the festivities to observe a religious holiday, such as Eid. Whatever the occasion, don’t forget the little details when you’re planning to serve a special cake at your event! To encourage people to eat a slice without getting messy, you will also need plates, napkins and forks, so ensure you have these on hand on the day. Particularly if you have a party that is on the large side, it may also be worth considering ordering some other sweet treats such as pastries to sit alongside the cake. Not only will this make the visual display even more enticing, it also ensures you have provided options for anyone among your guest list who simply doesn’t like cake. The top cake shops in Dubai do not limit themselves only to making cake: they also have skilled staff that can offer a range of desserts and pastries, so that there truly is something for everyone. One of the best bakeries in Dubai for the finest quality confections, with something for every occasion, is Gateaux.

For The Ultimate In Choice, Quality And Value, The Best Cakes In Dubai Come From Gateaux

If you’re tasked with finding the best cakes in Dubai for a special event, you can do no better than place your order with Gateaux. We have the skill, style and creativity to design and make the most delicious cake for your celebration, whatever its nature. Moreover, our range of baked goods includes pastries and other desserts, so every one of your guests will be catered for. With efficient and reliable cake delivery in Dubai too, we at Gateaux ensure your party goes with a swing. Look at our website at if you’d like to see the extensive choice available to you. And if you have any questions or are ready to place your order, we’re always delighted to assist on 04-360 7367.