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Birthday Cakes Dubai – Their History And How To Choose Appropriate Cakes For Your Event

Birthday cakes Dubai wide are an essential part of any celebration of any individual’s birthday. The tradition of commemorating birthdays with a special form of cake may date back to Roman times, and it has certainly been a long-established part of marking a significant event in the recipient’s life since the 15th century. If you wish to enhance a friend, colleague or loved one’s significant day, you may be interested in the traditions behind marking the day with a cake; the options available to you; and how cake delivery in Dubai can help make your party go with a swing.

From Ancient Roman History To The Convenience Of Cake Delivery In Dubai

During the course of the Roman Empire (753BC-476AD), the Romans were known to mark three different sorts of birthdays. They did not only celebrate their friends’ and families’ birth dates; they also observed the birthdays of temples and cities, and of current and past emperors and members of the imperial family. Of course, their style of birthday cake was not quite as it is today. Honey, olive oil, wheat flour, nuts and grated cheese were the ingredients often found in these flat, circular cakes! It wasn’t until 17th Century Europe that the birthday cake took on the more traditional form that we see today, with stacked layers of cake adorned with decorations and icing. It’s widely believed that the custom of sharing a best cakes in Dubai amongst all the guests at a party is to signify the sharing of the happy event and to celebrate togetherness and unity. If you think of birthday cakes Dubai and beyond, the image that pops into your head will no doubt be a circular confection consisting of two stacked discs of vanilla-, strawberry- or chocolate-flavoured cake, covered with icing and decorated with candles. In fact, though, there is no universal standard any more – birthday cakes are only limited by the imagination of those who commission them, and the chefs who make them! If you look around birthday cake shops in Dubai, you’ll be amazed at the variety and creativity available to you. So, if you’re planning to place a birthday cake order Dubai wide for a loved one or friend, how do you begin to choose an appropriate option?

Considerations When You Buy Birthday Cakes Dubai Or Beyond

The obvious consideration is who the cake is for. A male recipient, for instance, is less likely to be wowed by pale pink or lilac flower motifs than a lady. Children of all ages love strong colours and visual images, like representations of favourite cartoon characters or animals. Also, take into account likes and dislikes when it comes to flavour. Is the recipient a chocolate lover, or do they prefer a simpler vanilla sponge? But when you buy birthday cakes Dubai, it’s not enough solely to think about the individual whose birthday you are celebrating. You must also consider what flavour will most appeal to the widest number of guests. It’s always better to choose a fairly down-to-earth base for your cake, rather than some fancy confectionery featuring coffee or peanut butter! The next factor is the size of the cake. How many guests will there be? The cake should be big enough for everyone to have a taste. Your budget is also an important issue. Of course, you don’t want to spend the earth, and cheap birthday cakes in Dubai are widely available. But remember, you generally get what you pay for and if you really want your birthday girl or boy to feel special, then it’s best to be prepared to invest a reasonable amount to receive a cake that will impress. The final factor is your choice of bakery. Choose wisely so that no-one is disappointed on the day. One of Dubai’s top bakeries is Gateaux. With a host of satisfied customers on their books, you can’t go wrong with birthday cakes from this top performing company.

Order Perfect Birthday Cakes Dubai Wide From Gateaux – A Cake For Every Occasion

If you are intending to order a special cake for a special day, there is only one place to go and that’s Gateaux. We create the best birthday cakes Dubai can offer. We even offer cake delivery in Dubai, so your speciality design will be brought straight to your door. Look at our website at and you’ll see the impressive range of cakes and pastries we’ve designed and made for clients of all ages and for all occasions. You’re sure to find something to thrill that special someone. Alternatively, simply call us on 04-360 7367 to discuss your requirements and we’ll design the perfect cake especially for you.