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Cake Delivery In Dubai – Top Tips For Ordering And Buying Cakes For A Special Event

Cake delivery in Dubai is a convenient and easy way to ensure that your corporate event or private party is a huge success. The visual appeal of a stunningly designed and decorated cake cannot be underestimated. Furthermore, nearly everybody loves a delicious slice of cake to round off a meal, even if it means breaking their diet! This article looks at why it’s often best to find a professional baking company to supply a quality, delicious cake. It also explains why the price quoted is a fair reflection of the superior nature of custom made cakes over supermarket, or home-made versions, when you need to impress your guests.

Looking For The Best Cakes In Dubai? Ask The Specialists!

Your first concern when ordering cake delivery in Dubai from a professional cake and pastry chef may well centre around cost. Won’t this option be the most expensive? Yes, it is likely that you will have to spend a little more, but the value you get makes it well worth your while. Of course, you can choose to make a special cake yourself for your guests. But to do this successfully, you either need extensive experience in baking, or have nerves of steel. After all, you will be baking this cake under pressure: you will want to amaze your guests and your creation will be on show to all and sundry. Not only will it have to look great, it will also have to taste delicious too. There are also likely to be time constraints, leaving you less able to start from scratch if something goes wrong part-way through the baking process. If you’re a perfectionist and only the best will do, it’s always far less stressful to rely on the help of the professionals. They have experience in creating the best cakes in Dubai and can assure you of their credentials in advance of supplying custom cakes that will thrill your guests.

How Do You Know What You’re Getting If You Order Online Cake Delivery In Dubai?

The emphasis in the above paragraph is the word ‘professionals’. You want to be sure that, when you order cake online Dubai wide, you are getting a confectionery that is not only value for money but is also designed to look and taste wonderful. To do this, you need to select a bakery with a wealth of training and experience in designing and making cakes of all types. They should employ a head chef with credentials you can check if you wish. And they should have an impressive back catalogue of cakes, pastries and so on, which have gone down well with their clients in the past. This means doing a little research before you order online cake delivery in Dubai. You may find bakers offering some fantastic looking products on the internet, but how can you be sure that your own cake will taste as good as it looks when it arrives? It’s a great idea to look for a bakery that has physical stores as well as an online presence. That way, you can visit in person, see samples of cakes they’ve made and even taste-test different types to assure yourself of the quality. You may even wish to look at the kitchens, particularly if hygiene is an issue for you.

So Why Is It So Expensive To Order Cake Online Dubai For Delivery?

You may well be taken aback initially by how much it costs to order cake online Dubai wide, or anywhere else for that matter. What you need to consider, though, is what goes into making of a really beautiful cake. If you add up the cost of eggs, flour, icing sugar and other ingredients, the price you are quoted for a decorated cake may seem unreasonable. But there is a lot to take into account other than just the basic materials used. Much of the price of a custom-made cake is down to the design. The more elaborate the creation, the more expensive it will be. This is because the overall price of the cake is largely determined by the hours taken by skilled craftspeople in decorating it. Some of them will have spent years in training and that expertise is amply reflected in the quality of the artistry of the decoration on your cake. If you opt for cheap cakes in Dubai, you are almost certainly going to be disappointed with the overall look of the finished product. What’s more, true masters of the art select only the highest quality ingredients, so paying a little more and your cake means it will taste better too!

From Bespoke Birthday Cakes Dubai To Artisan Anniversary Confections, It’s Worth The Outlay

You are also presumably purchasing a special cake because you have something – or someone – special to celebrate. Whether it’s a birthday cake order Dubai based you are placing or one for an anniversary, a corporate event or a wedding, you want your cake to reflect the significance and importance of the occasion. It is not worth sacrificing a few extra Dirhams for the sake of economy if you are going to end up disenchanting the guest of honour, and wider guest list, with an inferior looking cake that does not taste good. Moreover, if you are looking for unique birthday cakes Dubai wide, for example, that’s exactly what you’ll get if you shop at a specialty cake and pastry shop. Your cake will be entirely one of a kind, rather than an off-the-shelf creation. So, all in all, the price you will be quoted for cake making and cake delivery in Dubai from the very best cake shops will actually be a good investment in terms of making a lasting positive impression at your special occasion. If you want to really make your mark when entertaining, you can do no better than to order a cake from Gateaux. Each cake and pastry is made with artistry and passion by professionals in their field.

Invest In Quality When You Order Cake Delivery In Dubai From Gateaux

Here at Gateaux, we set ourselves very highest standards. We know how important your friends, families or clients are to you, so we will never let you down. From the moment we take your commission, to the moment your cake is delivered, we dedicate time, attention and passion to fulfilling your order. Why look at some of the stunning cakes we have designed in the past on our website at If you have any queries, or wish to discuss a commission of your own, call our team headed by top Chef Francisco Pinto, on 04-360 7367. For cake delivery in Dubai that will never disappoint, call Gateaux.