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Cake Online Dubai – Choosing The Right Flavour

Cake online Dubai wide is a unique and simple way to order the perfect cake for any special occasion. However, there is more to choosing the perfect cake than simply the theme and decoration. One of the most important parts to get right is the flavour. You could have the most perfectly designed cake in the world; but if no one likes the flavour, then it will sit untouched. The best cake delivery in Dubai shops will offer you a choice of flavours for your cake and offer advice on the best way forward.

Mixed fruit is a popular flavour for cakes for special occasions. One of the reasons for this is because fruit cakes have a longer shelf life than sponge cakes. This means that any not eaten on the day will last for quite a while afterwards; and its life span can be increased by keeping it in an air-tight tin. However, if your topping includes butter or cream, then these ingredients will reduce the length of time the cake can be kept and alter the conditions it should be kept in. Fruit cake from a Dubai cake shop online also provides a stable base for cakes on which the decorations are heavy or not equally distributed across the cake.

Cakes with several layers often have a fruit cake at the bottom to provide extra stability, but then have sponge cakes on the upper levels to reduce weight. Sponge is usually available in vanilla or chocolate, and which you choose depends as much on the decorations as the preference of those who will be eating it. A cake with a lot of icing can become very sweet if it is mixed with a chocolate flavoured cake, and an overly sweet cake will be hard for your guests to eat. A vanilla based cake from an online cake shop Dubai provides a cleaner base on which other flavours can be built.

If you are considering a cake that includes fruits, then these flavours and textures also need to be taken into consideration with an online cake delivery in Dubai. At Gateaux we are always willing to provide any additional information, support or advice to help our customers create the perfect cake design. As well as offering chocolate, vanilla and mixed fruit cake flavours, we also offer a variety of speciality cakes, including carrot cake. To discuss the cake base for your online design, call our team on 04-360 7367. Alternatively, you can view a wide selection of our cakes, at our cake online shop Dubai based at