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Personalised Cakes Dubai For All Occasions

Personalised cakes Dubai wide are available for every occasion from the birth of a child to gaining a promotion at work. Cakes are an ideal way to complete a special meal or to add the finishing touch to a party. When the cake is personalised, it gives an extra-special touch to the whole event, and makes the person who is the reason for the event feel even more special. There are numerous ways in which the best cakes in Dubai can be personalised, and it is not just about the decoration or the colour of the icing.

Personalisation starts with the ingredients that go into making the cake itself. A top cake shop will offer a range of cake style from plain or vanilla to the best chocolate cakes in Dubai or mixed fruit cakes. The type of cake you choose will depend on personal preference, and on what you want the final cake to look like. For example, fruit cake is regularly used, especially on the bottom layer, where there are going to be multiple layers. This is because it can create a more stable base. A vanilla cake may be preferable when there are going to be a variety of other flavours in the icings, toppings or decorations.

The shape and size of the cake can also be personalised. Cakes do not just need to be round, square or rectangular. An experienced chef and their team can create almost any shape you can imagine, from bottle shapes to cups, layer cakes and objects such as cars, trains and dolls. The decoration is the final level of personalisation. This can involve anything from creating a Dubai themed cake to using a photograph of the person that the cake is for. Fruit, flowers and creations made from icing can all be incorporated into the final design ready for cake delivery in Dubai.

Whether you are looking for a photograph birthday cake or a special anniversary cake delivery in Dubai, we can provide exactly what you need at Gateaux. Our expert team can talk through your requirements to create the perfect cake, from the basic ingredients through to icing, letters and decoration. If you need some inspiration, visit the gallery on our website at, or call the team on 04-360 7367. We will guide you through the process and ensure that your perfect cake is delivered to you, either at your home or at the office.